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Revolutionary Struggle trial solidarity zine


‘Revolution is the only solution
for the complete exit from the crisis’

A collection of letters, texts and communiqués from the armed group Revolutionary Struggle and their accused. Released during their current trial in Athens and intended to be one more nail in the coffin of the legitimacy of the State and the capitalist system.


by Actforfreedomnow – BoubourAs

Friday, January 6, 2012

Responsibility claim for the arsons of the Tax Offices of Pagrati and Glifada.- Athens

And I ask the economists, the politicians, the moralisers: did they ever calculate the number of people who obligatorily are convicted to decadence, to unequal work, to shabbiness, to corrupted ignorance, to unbeatable infelicity, to absolute destitution in order to produce a rich person?”

Almeida Garrett

We take responsibility for the arsons, in the early hours of Saturday 26/11 and Tuesday 29/11, in the:
-Tax offices of Pagrati, on Damareos street
-Tax offices of Glifada, on Gounari street

We placed the incendiary mechanisms on the inside of the buildings aiming at as much material damage as possible.

The global economic-political system transforms testing its totalitarian possibilities. We are living the end of the “social state” with the passing into an even more vicious capitalism without limits and rules. The generalized systemic crisis is not an accidental incident, but a situation of capitalism itself. The procedure with which the capital was invested all the previous years, with the so-called money products (bonds, CDS e.t.c) was proven precarious. This fact was unavoidable, since lending creates money, which does not correspond to a rise of the economic base, that is to say, the production of the proportional product, to which the money would correspond. Thus, the managers of large capitals are in the unfavourable position to have tied up a large part of their wealth not in material goods, but in a promise of money. By trying to secure their wealth, they blackmail and extract the dominating rights in public and state fortune, coming to the point of attacking also the private fortunes of the citizens. 

In the Greece of 2011 the repeatedly memorandums and the lending conventions consist the official grave stone of whatever social and work conquests, the abolition of every meaning and pretext of the “welfare state”. Thus comes the end of the feigned prosperity and “frantic development” of the dogma of modernization of the ’90s and the beginning of the ’00s. 

The fiestas of uplifting the “national ideal” of the Olympics and the vision of the “powerful Greece” give way to the fear of proletarianization, with capitalism, under the weight of its dead-ends, taking away the crumbs it gave out. With the mechanisms of guidance, as always, in full function. The relaxation in the stadiums and the consumption of cheap (or expensive…) lifestyle. With the reduction of self-interest to a social goods, with the customer relations and the give-and-taking with the political authority, was conserved the invention of a fabricated thriving middle class. An apathetic identical social formation where the biggest piece of it did not see or did not want to see the evident. That the informal ‘Omerta’ with the system, which exploits it, steps on borrowed and hollow foundations. The previous years, going through the streets of the city you noticed a society, which in its majority watched self-consciously its bloodsucking compared to the cannibalism imposed on it. Henceforth the cuts on wages and pensions, the added taxes, will form a more and more asphyxiating daily life for everyone. The instinct of self-preservation is activated and a social angry outburst is now in evolving, creating thin balances between the fatalistic moaning and the factual expression of disobedience. The passing of the systemic crisis over our backs puts every person in front of the responsibilities of their own dignity. The course is definitely not predestined. The shady cloud of dispute hovers above the political system. 

The regime of urban democracy seeing the contract of social peace and subjugation slowly and steadily getting wrinkled, resorts to the pre-decided choice of a government of cooperation and complicity. Hoping it will function as a de-pressure valve, for the achievement of a inter-class consent through cries for national coil and multiple blackmails. A right to the pie of authority is for all traditional parliamentary political forces who are willing to completely harmonize with the orders of the global economic elite. The coup d’ etat model of the technocratic governing signals the “end of history”, with the pushing aside of ideologies, putting under its umbrella fake social-democrats up to the fascists of LAOS (populist orthodox formation).
In reality its aim is now clear and without pretexts rising of the capital to a legislative coordinator.

The united interests of the urban class and their expressers go through the economic junta of the omnipotence of the banks, the squeezing of individual production possibility, the economic annihilation of the non-privileged, the reduction of freedoms and the legal and military armouring of the frame of oppression. The dignity of existence is expressed with violent rupture, resistance in the working places, the barricades of the strikes, from the not discounted refusal of the existing way of things and the stomping of ruling ethics. 

Revolutionary violence is the chariot of social liberation and revolutionary conscience the fuel which will move it. The crisis is for the system an “opportunity for reformation” or otherwise a bullet, that aims at its forehead as long as a capable collective subject is found to pull the trigger. The objective conditions of today immediately put the matter of the search and acceleration of the means for the uprooting of authoritarian-exploitative relations, aiming at the construction of relations of solidarity-equality of tomorrow, the emersion of an un-mediated anti-capitalist front from the bottom which will cross over to the multiform attack. It is imperative henceforth, that we set up horizontal structures and procedures, which will accompany the practices that promote the revolution. The moment the state mechanisms will come to impose the antisocial measures of their local and international bosses, they fall onto the bulwark of solidarity of the oppressed. With the populist assemblies, wild strikes, the antifascist struggle, the night-time raids, sabotages, armed struggle, a radical front is composed which aims at the destruction of modern totalitarianism which is imposed on our lives. 

The only solution for the passing into a society of equality where there will be no exploitation of human by humans is the SOCIAL REVOLUTION.

We dedicate our attacks to the anarchist comrades P.Roupa, N.Maziotis, K.Gournas who have taken the political responsibility for the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle and to the anarchist comrades S.Nikitopoulos, Ch.Kortesis, V.Stathopoulos, K.Katsenos as well as M.Beraha who are tried for the same case. 


We are next to all the comrades who stand with dignity and continue to fight inside the prison. 

Revolutionary Counter attack

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