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‘Revolution is the only solution
for the complete exit from the crisis’

A collection of letters, texts and communiqués from the armed group Revolutionary Struggle and their accused. Released during their current trial in Athens and intended to be one more nail in the coffin of the legitimacy of the State and the capitalist system.


by Actforfreedomnow – BoubourAs

Monday, June 11, 2012

Revolutionary greetings from imprisoned anarchist Marco Camenisch, on the occasion of the event for the Revolutionary Struggle case (Switzerland)

From contra-info:

From Switzerland I send my warmest revolutionary salutes to you, comrades, on the occasion of your event-festival on the 7th and 8th of June in Greece!

The themes of your meeting—history, actuality and perspective of the international social revolution—are of crucial importance and more timely than ever, in these times of irreversible crisis of the dominant system.
Never had been the times so ripe and urgent for the realization and organization of the internationalist struggle towards a social-revolutionary perspective as the only solution to the crisis of the dominant system, and for this purpose the construction of an internationalist revolutionized solidarity is indispensable; these are more than obvious and shareable affirmations of yours, Pola and Nikos, and of a multitude of combatant comrades. This is also confirmed by the growing popular consensus for armed and militant revolutionary intervention and the corresponding increase of fear and terrorism of the system. We can find the growth of consensus, albeit at different levels, not only in Greece but in many other Western countries and the world, while the terrorism of elites and the international advancement of their repression are much more leveled and unified. This makes even more important and urgent a constructive strong drive—analysis and practice—towards internationalist revolutionary solidarity beyond tendencies, not only against repression, but also, much more in general, for a convergence of revolutionary pathways in use and under construction!
Solidarity and love to you, compas, in and out of prisons, who, in Greece and everywhere in the world, at this precious moment and many others through attacks of justice of the class create a platform and opportunity to relaunch the counterattack on this ground, as contribution for permanent resistance and revolutionary attack!
So that they’re persecuted even into their toilets (surely of lusso)…!!!

So that the fire and revolutionary sabotage by any means necessary, the voice of dynamite and Tokarew… pursue after them relentlessly and increasingly, in their dens, in the streets and everywhere, day and night!!!
Continuing to pay them back a tiny part of the terror and suffering that they, for centuries, have poured upon the world and the living to get rich, until this becomes contribution, participation and organization towards the insurrection and the international and generalized people’s social revolution!

Solidarity and love to you, compas Pola, Nikos, and to comrades accused in the Revolutionary Struggle trial!
Solidarity and love to you, sisters and brothers of CCF/FAI in and out of prisons in Greece, to you, FAI/FRI compas, across the world!
Solidarity and love to every individual and population, in or out of the galera, that struggle against this global system-galera!
Until any oppression, exploitation, Power, State and incarceration is cleared out and destroyed!

Early June 2012, Marco Camenisch, Lenzburg prison, Switzerland

in Italian (via Red Aid International)

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